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News Releases

Hawaii Non-Profits Received $1.4 Million, U.S. Mainland Charities $270,000

HONOLULU – (February 14, 2012) – Funded by the businesses of Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. – which include Matson, A&B Properties and Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company – the Alexander & Baldwin Foundation last year provided over $1.6 million in total in cash donations to non-profit organizations across Hawaii and on the U.S. Mainland. Of that, nearly $1.4 million went to 304 charities in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, and $270,000 was granted to 83 non-profits on the U.S. mainland.

Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Stanley M. Kuriyama, also a member of the A&B Foundation’s Hawaii Committee, said, “As a Hawaii-based corporation, we know it is important to be a reliable community partner and we strive to do so, with both our business and charitable practices. While 2011 was a challenging year for our companies, A&B sustained its funding for the A&B Foundation, benefiting hundreds of charities in communities in Hawaii and in Matson’s service areas stretching across the Pacific and the U.S. mainland.”

Kuriyama added, “Since its very early days, A&B has been providing cash donations to community organizations, directly from A&B’s companies and more recently through our Foundation. As we move forward with the separation of A&B into two independent Hawaii-based companies—Matson and the new A&B—this longstanding legacy of community giving will be passed on to both companies, along with a steadfast commitment to continued charitable support.”

A&B Foundation President Meredith J. Ching emphasized, “While A&B’s giving covers a broad spectrum of program areas, grant sizes and geographic areas, the common thread is awareness: that each of our communities has unique needs and priorities, of the needs of our neighbors, of people with unprecedented emergencies. Hawaii’s residents and businesses have a heritage of caring for one another, and the A&B Foundation’s charitable giving reflects this same tradition.”

“A&B employees further exemplify this heritage, giving generously out of their own pockets. To United Ways alone, in 2011, personal donations from our employees totaled close to $175,000,” Ching said. “Combined with another $100,000 donated directly to various non-profits, and matched dollar-for-dollar by the A&B Foundation, we are both grateful and proud that A&B employees respond generously to the needs of those near and far--including reaching out to the people of Japan to help with relief efforts for the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami,” said Ching. “A&B’s legacy of giving runs deep and wide.”

2011 Giving by Location*:  
Statewide Hawaii: $458,000
Maui: $415,000
Oahu: $290,000
Kauai: $55,000
Big Island: $52,000
Pacific Islands: $21,000
U.S. Mainland $245,000
2011 Giving by Program*:  
Health & human Services $728,000
Education $260,000
Cultural and the Arts $220,000
Community/Civic $213,000
Maritime/Agricultural: $72,000
Environmental $43,000

*Numbers rounded for simplicity; excludes $100,000 in matching gifts.

For a listing of 2011 grants of $250 and more, visit

A&B’s statewide subsidiaries in Hawaii include Matson Navigation Company and A&B Properties, Inc. Its Maui operations include Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company (HC&S), and subsidiaries East Maui Irrigation Company (EMI), Kahului Trucking & Storage (KT&S) and A&B Wailea LLC. Kauai subsidiaries are Kauai Commercial Company, McBryde Resources, Inc. and a joint venture is Kukui`ula Development Company. A&B Fleet Services operates on the Big Island. Matson Navigation Company and Matson Logistic Services operate across the United States, in the South Pacific and China.

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