Embracing corporate governance is a priority at A&B.  We value the trust our shareholders place in our leadership and consider the sound principles of corporate governance part of the core beliefs of our company.  A&B’s governance highlights include:

  • a diverse, independent board: 29% women; 43% ethically diverse; 86% independent
  • independent leadership, consisting of a separate chair and chief executive officer, combined with a lead independent director
  • multiple skill sets represented on the board
  • annual election of directors
  • a majority voting standard in uncontested director elections
  • stockholders can amend bylaws with majority vote; can call special meetings with a 10% vote
  • no poison pill
  • meaningful director share ownership guidelines
  • annual board evaluations
  • an Audit Committee comprised 100% of Audit Committee Financial Experts
  • mandatory retirement age of 72
  • automatic equity grants